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I'm back.

2008-09-16 18:58:14 by rz-stick

Not that i expect anybody to read this but i'm back. This is whats happened to me over the last year or two:
i took a break from animation, sorted out stuff for a uni interveiw instead.
I started working on a special new animation to upload, i got around 1/4 of the way through but my old laptop crashed, i still havn't been able to get back any files from it as of yet, all the animations i was working on were lost.
I got a place at uni and have started a Animation Arts course.

ATM iv'e decided to get back into the swing of things, and i am re-animating GTS 1, an animation i originaly posted but got blammed, i have started working on redoing it with a graphics and storytelling overhaul. GTS will be back, from the beggining, with a full storyline and bearable animation XD. I started by redrafting the first scene, now although it isn't completed yet i will show a picture of the old GTS 1 and the new one comparison.

Hope it looks as promising to you as it does to me.

Also with a new style it's about time i gave it a new name, a proper name, not a half stolen one. So It will be placed under a different name as well, But i will update that later.

I'm back.


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2008-09-20 07:15:01

you should call it 'The Stick-up'




rz-stick responds:

yes, yes i do lolololol


2008-09-29 22:37:34

hey you're in the same class as edd!

rz-stick responds:

correct :)


2008-10-03 20:00:00

:D dude your instantly the 2nd best guy on newgrounds!!! (u know cuz of edd)

rz-stick responds:

lol ty?


2008-10-04 19:52:47

Do you like edd ( like as your to 5 friedns) quitw glad your back haven't really known you just saw your animations pretty funny

rz-stick responds:

that dosnt make too much sense but yes, i do like Edd, lol


2008-11-01 16:12:53

woaw, nearly all of your comments are ed related

go ed, by the way if you can possibly remember, give ed a hug and give him a bit of paper that says "i love you eddy weddy from jinamgo, PS will you marry me"?